Sunday, December 2

My Festive Forest

This year, I have loved decorating our house with DIY Christmas trees! I got the idea a few weeks ago from my mother-in-law, and I haven't stopped making them since! They are super easy, even for someone who is not very crafty, and you can really be creative and make them look however you want to go with your Christmas decor. All you do is start with varying sizes of styrofoam cones from Hobby Lobby and cover them with whatever you can imagine (buttons, ribbon, tinsel, ruffled fabric trim, ect.), and you have a very festive forest! Here are a few that I have made this year...

Ruffled fabric trim attached with hot glue, topped with a jingle bell
Buttons attached with headpins
Wired tinsel attached with hot glue
Hope these inspire you to take on a little Christmas crafting this year!

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